Let us “go out into the deep.”

Pope Saint John Paul II called young people to seek greatness, a greatness that informs every aspect of life and that aims at the highest forms of human flourishing in this life and the next.

We were made for this excellence and if we allow God’s grace to perfect our own works of nature, we can begin this journey beyond the mediocrity of our times and progress toward the transcendent high calling each of us have been given.

This is “education of the whole person,” what the ancients called “paideia.”

At Northeast Catholic College we call our students to embrace an education that will transform them intellectually, spiritually, and morally.

Throughout this website you will discover how the members of our collegiate community embrace the excellences of the mind, the heart, the spirit, and the body.

Don’t settle for less.  We were made for more.  Let us go out into the deep together.

For more information, contact Michael Beecher, Director of Admissions, at 603-456-2656 or [email protected].