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All Students

In order to prepare for the Spring Term, we ask that you complete the following online registration form by Friday, November 30th.

In addition to the courses required of each student in a particular class (found in the Catalog), the elective courses offered next term are listed below: please place a check next to any electives you intend to take. If you are not choosing any electives and not selecting a Major Course, simply fill in the information requested and click “Submit.”

(Please note that the courses you will see listed on your grade reports as upcoming for Spring 2019 should be disregarded. They will be adjusted later based on this registration form.)

Those who are Juniors and Seniors are also requested to indicate

a) their chosen Major, and

b) the Major Course they will be taking (This course should correspond to your chosen major. Great Books majors may choose any one of the courses.)

Nota Bene: Once the Spring Term begins, you may change your elective choices at any time until the Drop/Add deadline (January 26) by filling out a Drop/Add form available in Ms. Hodge’s office.

Course Registration

Honors Colloquium: The Presence of the Past: Tradition and Reform in Christian Culture (Dr. FitzGerald) (preference given to Fall Term students)Studio Art (Mrs. Yost)Latin 310: The Julio-Claudians II (Dr. Newman)Iconography (Ms. Wiederspahn) (maximum 10 students; preference given to Fall Term students)

Literature: Russian Literature (Dr. Mumbach)Philosophy Option A: Continental Philosophy (Dr. Fenn)Philosophy Option B: Political Philosophy (Dr. Sampo)Politics: Political Philosophy (Dr. Sampo)Theology: Patristic Exegesis (Mr. Cooper)