Friday Night Lecture: The Eyes of Faith in Early Christian Literature

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On Friday, February 8, Northeast Catholic College hosted Fr. Brian Dunkle, S.J., as part of the college’s Friday Night Lecture series.

Fr. Dunkle, who is the Assistant Professor of Historical Theology in the School of Ministry and Theology at Boston College, lectured on “The Eyes of Faith in Early Christian Literature.”  Drawing on the writings of the Church Fathers, Fr. Brian Dunkle of Boston College speaks at Northeast Catholic Collegeespecially Saint Ambrose of Milan, Father Dunkle showed the crucial role that developing spiritual senses, or the “eyes of the heart,” plays in the spiritual journey of a Christian.  Sin inflicts a kind of blindness on us; through grace and faith, the repentant sinner begins to see the world in a different light.

Fr. Dunkle likened the faith experience to going into a church with beautiful stained-glass windows. From outside, it looks dark, but inside, with access to Christ through prayer and the sacraments, you can see the light streaming in.

“The analogy of stained-glass windows as an image of the eyes of the heart enlightened my understanding of the relationship between the sacraments and the interior life, bringing the eucharist to the center of a life lived in consistent love and truth,” said NCC student Chance Hebert ‘20.

Northeast Catholic College hosts a variety of speakers as part of its Friday Night Lecture series.  The lectures are free and open to the public, featuring a question and answer session and a chance to meet the guest after the lecture.

– Contributed by John Milliken ’22

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