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Intensive Introduction to Attic Greek

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The importance of learning Greek cannot be overstated. So much of western literature, drama, philosophy, and political philosophy all begin in classical Athens and their seminal texts can be best understood when read in the original.  Additionally, learning Attic Greek can take the reader back to the works of Homer and forward through Patristic literature to the Byzantines. 

The Intensive Greek course can be taken at two levels.

The introductory course offers students an concentrated survey of Greek grammar and vocabulary over three weeks, covering approximately two semesters worth of material. The course is designed to be an introduction for students interested in the Classics who would like to move more quickly to begin translation courses, or as a resource for teachers of Classical languages such as Latin who would like to begin teaching Greek as well. Additionally, students will begin translating short passages of Greek text. No previous experience with Greek is required for the introductory course.

The intermediate course is designed for students who have completed at least a year of Ancient Greek (or its equivalent). Intermediate students will have a chance to refresh their knowledge of grammar and syntax before moving on to translate Lucian’s True Histories.

Students in the Greek Program will have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Program weekend activities.


July 15 – August 2, 2018


$450 – Commuter Students

$750 – Residential Students (room and board included) 


Greek Syllabus the course syllabus.


Greek an Intensive Course by Hardy Hansen and Gerald M. Quinn, the second revised edition.


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